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    I'm trying to mount a wireless provider, I don't know if I'm doing it right!
    I have connected a SWL-3000 Samsung on the swith, I have configured squid in a machine to do the proxy. Gave the right, the other machines with the cards to access the internet normally, but one of the problems is that they communicate between each other, that can't happen!
    Another problem is that I don't know how to do to limit the bandwidth of each user and how to lock the address, the MAC for the cards to customers!

    What would be more interesting, place the AP on the swith or in a machine?

    If someone can help me, I will be immensely grateful!
    The last problem eh what eh means Urgent !!!

  2. Eh better to plug on a linux server, since it is very easy and CHEAP to administer a switch with all the functions that you want.

    Not have as you do not say that they can not communicate, jah that the AP does not have anything to do with the connection between them, read this in a book-in wireless network ...

    You only can block that passes by the access point, being a book making the bridge from one network to another (wireless -> ethernet) you have complete control over the flow that comes from the wireless network, treat a wireless network whenever a network is not reliable.

    Filter pro MAC on the Access Point, if he does not pssuir (believe he must have) then you can do the same in linux jah that nobody accesses your ethernet unless you want to of course having the linux as a firewall.

    more information ask, I think that's why eh soh.
    (not tell to comment on the desvantages by the AP directly into the switch right?)

  3. Actually, I think convenient to control it with a servidorzinho dhcp helped by a small rule iptables assigned the mac address.. =D

  4. and you can control bandwidth by using a cbq the same

    [] & acute; s

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