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    Citação Originally Posted by Perdigao
    Dear "Visitor".

    Well, let's go by parts:

    You will need two equipment of each side....

    On each computer (Desktop) will have to have:

    1 Antenna MMDS 24dbi
    1 PCI Adapter/PC card
    1 Adapter (PCMCIA Radio)
    Cable RF (RGC 213 (is the cheaper))
    2 Connectors "N" female (or as needed)

    Available this material will have to have a good sight to the other point (where had the other antenna).

    And everything in perfect order, then you need to assemble the structure and then set up their plates and then mount your network with the numbers of IP's (you can do this by DHCP, but it is better to fixed IP because of, and thus restrict other access).

    Set up so the PCMCIA card and in the case the NAT to pass the signal to the other end ( which must also be configured).

    In the case of the vc to be using a computer to do the role of "Ethernet Convert" then you receive through the UTP cable (regular cable network) to the signal on your computer and then you can already send to the other.

    I advise you also to configure your connection with KEY's so will keep your link with the other end closed, and without access to other people and helping to control the interference.

    You can also use antennas with polarization inverted, improving their performance and consequently the signal will be better and the level of noise lower.

    I hope I have explained well how it works, if you have any questions or need any help, please contact us.

    ICQ 15889316


    Grateful for the explanation.

    But instead of the pcmcia adapter and the card,
    I will use a PCI card wireless, since the machine
    in that will be connected to the antenna does not need to
    have a pcmcia adapter, would spend more money to
    purchase it (hehehe the adapter I would put in my machine, much more useful).

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