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  1. isse eh truth Jim, to stay quiet, only the orinoco

    []' s


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    hehe guys, I tested a card from edimax pci and she ate that has a good performance .
    best the of the planet with certainty.

  3. pss...

    I've worked with adapter from Edimax, I don't know if it is the same as your, there are several models (I do not remember the model that I used), the problem of it, is that you install and configure, and is little beauty. But a few days later, I don't know how, or she completely loses the signal or uninstall. When it loses the signal, just reinstalling to get back to work, work a few more days and to. She has a great capture really, good performance and all, but it loses the settings, it gives headache....

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    And then Guys... Wireless I understand... ! ...
    Without a shadow of a doubt the orinoco is orinoco... from time to time when she's a pití not to let the client manager to administer the sign in Windows XP, there is a hug if you have more than one network within the coverage area of the antenna... maió bag.. is scaneando the signal all the time...

    I'm seeing the guys work out at the planet... man I'm loving them... vaixo cost, without conflicts and navigates blz...
    I bought 5 encores and returned them all.. shit.
    The Samsung 2300 kept going back and forth the signal on my clients, tb asked for 5 and returned them all... and look what my AP are SWL 3300 Samsung.... Qto the 2100, still PCMCIA, but out of line, these are good...
    The D-link in a stink or smells...
    I'm now working with BÚFALLO USB... the very end... easy installation, easy configuration and ball show in the navigation....

    I hope we can exchange more ideas about Wireless... t+

  5. kra... I know lah... planet I naum venture naum

    planet, the lg encore... saum all the same, ateh the dwl-520+ eh an kk

    in terms of d bridge the buffalos saum appalling, that software Ethernet converter eh a pe....

    naum, I'm a big enthusiast, but I would like to test more equipment, why ateh now, soh orinoco to save even....

    to trying to see the dwl-810, let v


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