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    Onde eu posso encontra-lo???


  2. Eu achei a versão 3 no emule !!!
    o bom que ele da suporte a opengl jah !!!

    Flw !!!

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    Gente to com mais outro problema: qdo eu executo o arquivo hlds_1_1120_full.bin ele abre e me mostra um termo de licenca ou coisa do tipo, ai ele pede pra q eu digite "yes" ou "no", eu respondo "yes" e ele da o seguinte erro:
    "extracting /usr/steam/hlds_1_1120_full.tgz
    hlds_1_1120_full.bin error extracting payload, No such file ou directory"
    Esse diretorio /ust/steam num existe na minha makina.

    Sera q alguem sabe o q posso fzer pra resolver issu?? pq baixar mais de 420 MB de novo eu num aguento!!!!!!!

    Valew galera!

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    Ae galera, eu consegui!

    eu criei o diretorio "steam" dentro do /usr e deu certo, ele criou o arquivo la dentro!


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    Olha eu na area de novo galera!!!!!!!!

    To com um outro problema agora (num ta facil nao), um resumo:
    instalei no RH 73 os arquivos:
    * hlds_1_3111_full.tar
    * cs_15_full.tar.gz
    * halflife-admin-2.50.58.tar.gz

    criei um diretorio cs no /, descompactei o hlds.. la dentro, depois o cs_15... dentro do hlds_l q foi criado pelo hlds_1_3111..., depois descompactei o halflife-admin... dentro do hlds_l tbm, num fiz nenhum alteracao no server.cfg e nem no adminmod.cfg pq eu num sei o q fzer la. Quando eu tento rodar o server com o comando:
    ./hlds_run -game cstrike -maxplayer 10 -map de_aztec
    ele da as seguintes mensagens:

    Console initialized
    Protocol version 46
    Exe version
    Exe build: 22:35:39 Apr 29 2003 (2378-)
    WON Auth server
    (Algumas vezes da outra mensagem aki, tipo: "Error to connect to Auth server: ES_ERROR_NO_TYPE
    Auth Server)
    Server IP address

    metamod version 1.16.2....
    (mais algumas babozeiras...)

    Downloading Security Module from Speakeasy.net...
    Error downloading Security Module fron Speakeasy.net
    Server is not Secure.
    Executing Admin Mod config file

    ai ele fica parado nissu e num sai dai de jeito nenhum, so matando o servido dele.

    Abaixo esta o conteudo do meu arquivo "server.cfg"

    // Use this file to configure your DEDICATED server.
    // This config file is executed everytime the server changes levels.

    // disable autoaim
    sv_aim 0

    // disable clients´ ability to pause the server
    pausable 0

    // default server name. Change to "Bob´s Server", etc.
    hostname "Counter-Strike 1.5 Server"

    // maximum client movement speed
    sv_maxspeed 320

    // 20 minute timelimit
    mp_timelimit 20

    sv_cheats 0

    // Execute Admin Mod configuration file
    exec addons/adminmod/config/adminmod.cfg

    Abaixo o conteudo do "adminmod.cfg"
    // (Note: For CVARS that are set to either "on" or "off," 0=off and 1=on) //
    echo Executing Admin Mod config file

    // Used by the TFC plugin only. If enabled, an attempt to switch
    // teams will be rejected if it would unbalance the teams
    // (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
    admin_balance_teams 0

    // If you are using bots with admin mod you can set this to 1
    // It will protect bots from receiving client commands which
    // would crash your server.
    // (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
    admin_bot_protection 0

    // This is the message displayed to everyone after connecting.
    admin_connect_msg "Welcome to the Real World..."

    // This controls the availability of weapon restriction in CS.
    // (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
    admin_cs_restrict 0

    // This will produce debugging messages in your logs which can
    // be used to troubleshoot problems. Not recommended for general use.
    // (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
    admin_debug 0

    // Determines whether or not the fun commands are allowed by default.
    // If not on by default, the admin can still turn it on when wanted.
    // (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
    admin_fun_mode 0

    // Enable to get special effects with certain commands
    // like teleport or slap.
    // (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
    admin_fx 0

    // If enabled, people who are gagged (not allowed to "say"-) will be
    // unable to change their name while gagged
    // (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
    admin_gag_name 0

    // If enabled, people who are gagged will not be able to use
    // the say_team command.
    // (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
    admin_gag_sayteam 0

    // Makes the admin with the highest access level the only admin in power.
    // Example: if multiple admins are present, only the one with the highest
    // access level will have admin access.
    // (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
    admin_highlander 0

    // If admin_ignore_immunity is enabled, ACCESS_IMMUNITY is
    // ignored and does nothing.
    // (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
    admin_ignore_immunity 0

    // This file specifies which script plugins get loaded.
    // It should be relative from the <mod> directory
    admin_plugin_file "addons/adminmod/config/plugin.ini"

    // The time (in seconds) during which an admin can reconnect after
    // disconnecting without resetting his password in the setinfo line.
    admin_reconnect_timeout 300

    // Message displayed to users who try to execute commands that
    // they don&acute;t have the appropriate access rights for.
    admin_reject_msg "You do not have access to this command."

    // How often, in seconds, the repeat_message should be shown on
    // the screen during the game. Minimum value is 15 seconds.
    // So, a value of 600 = 10 minutes between messages.
    admin_repeat_freq 600

    // Message that is show to everyone on the server every
    // ten minutes by the message plugin.
    admin_repeat_msg "This server is using Admin Mod"

    // The old verbosity. Defines how commands are announced to the players
    // clients in the form: "[ADMIN] <user> used command <command>"
    // 0=all commands announced in chat with the admin name
    // 1=all commands announced in chat, but without the admin name
    // 2=most commands not announced at all (except "cheat" commands)
    admin_quiet 0

    // This file is used to store configuration data across maps
    // and even across server restarts.
    admin_vault_file "addons/adminmod/config/vault.ini"

    // If enabled, a hlds_ld-style map vote will automatically
    // start five minutes before the end of a map.
    // (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
    admin_vote_autostart 0

    // If set to on status (1), when a vote is in progress all
    // players will see the votes of other players as they vote.
    // (0=disable, 1=enabled)
    admin_vote_echo 0

    // Number of seconds that must elapse after start of the map,
    // or the end of another vote, before another hlds_ld-style
    // map vote can be called.
    admin_vote_freq 600

    // Controls how many times the current map can be
    // extended for thirty minutes
    admin_vote_maxextend 0

    // Percent of players who have to vote for a map to get it
    // to win a hlds_ld-style map vote.
    admin_vote_ratio 60

    // Ability to make clients execute commands
    // (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
    allow_client_exec 0

    // When set to 0, and debug is enabled, Admin Mod passwords
    // will not be logged in cleartext.
    amv_log_passwords 0

    // Private server option. If enabled, only users listed in
    // users_file or ips_file are allowed to access the server.
    amv_private_server 0

    // The message displayed to users who do not get granted
    // access to a private server
    amv_prvt_kick_message ""

    // The time during which an admin can reconnect to the server into
    // a *different* slot than before without losing his admin access rights.
    // Maximum is 90 seconds.
    amv_reconnect_time 0

    // Defines the max time length in seconds of voting process.
    amv_vote_duration 30

    // Default access rights for players not in the users.ini file.
    // (See documentation for access levels and information)
    default_access 1

    // Whether to use encrypted passwords or not.
    // 0: disabled
    // 1: encrypt using Unix crypt() (Linux ONLY)
    // 2: encrypt using MD5 hash
    // 3: encrypt using MySQL PASSWORD() (MySQL ONLY)
    encrypt_password 0

    // If enabled, the scripting file functions have read
    // access to files
    // (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
    file_access_read 0

    // If enabled, the scripting file functions have write
    // access to files
    // (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
    file_access_write 0

    // Declares priority IPs that are allowed to take a
    // reserved spot (if any are set up) without a password.
    ips_file 0

    // Ratio of players who must vote &acute;yes&acute; to a kick for
    // it to be successful.
    kick_ratio 60

    // Ratio of players who must vote &acute;yes&acute; to a map change
    // for it to be successful.
    map_ratio 80

    // List of maps people are allowed to vote for. "" to disable.
    // Disable to enable all maps and use list from mapcycle.txt.
    maps_file ""

    // The file (relative to the <mod> dir) that
    // reserved models are loaded from. "" to disable.
    models_file ""

    // The message shown to someone who gets kicked for
    // trying to use a reserved model.
    models_kick_msg "[ADMIN] That model is reserved on this server."

    // The message shown to someone who gets kicked for
    // trying to use a reserved nickname.
    nicks_kick_msg "[ADMIN] That name is reserved on this server."

    // Password_field...first password of the setinfo line
    // If password_field is "_pw-AdminMod", the setinfo will be
    // setinfo "_pw-AdminMod" "password-in-users.ini"
    password_field _pw-home

    // If pretty_say is enabled, centersay() fades in
    // and out and does some other tricks.
    // (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
    pretty_say 1

    // Controls how many (number) of the server&acute;s slots are reserved.
    // This is useful only if reserve_type, below, is either 0 or 2.
    reserve_slots 0

    // Custom message given to clients trying to connect who do not have
    // a reserved slots, when no public slots are free
    reserve_slots_msg "There are no reserved slots available on the server."

    // This controls how reserve slots work on the server. See documentation.
    reserve_type 0

    // If enabled, names are compared to those who have privileges
    // with regular expressions.
    // (0=disabled, 1=enabled)
    use_regex 0

    // The file in which you define your admins, their passwords
    // and the access levels that they are assigned to.
    users_file "addons/adminmod/config/users.ini"

    // The minimum number of seconds allowed between votes
    // called with the vote() (admin_vote functions) scripting function.
    // If 0 or disabled, the vote() scripting function is disabled.
    vote_freq 180

    // Location of word filter file. "" to disable, or something
    // like "wordlist.txt" if enabled
    words_file ""

    Galera, desculpem pela longa mensagem...

    Se alguem puder me ajudar fico muito grato desde ja,

    <I>...and freedom for all...</I>

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