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  1. Que loco!

    Mistymst , o que o comando "depmod -a" faz?

    Parou de dar os erros!


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  3. pelo q eu entendi, vc tinha adiconado um modulo novo no /etc/modules.conf e quando vc deu o "depmod -a" ele registrou o modulo.....ou algo assim <IMG SRC="images/forum/icons/icon_wink.gif">

  4. /etc/modules.conf eh igual o /etc/aliases em uma MTA ele nao le esse arquivo pq eh muito LENTO, entao ele gera um "hash" digamos assim neste documento que eh mto mais rapido pro computador ler.

    o aliases usado pelo MTA eh gerado pelo newaliases e o modules eh gerado por depmod.

    depmod -a simplesmente pq -a = --all entao vai tudo. simples nao??
    quando o depmod eh rodado ele gera o seguinte arquivo:
    2.4.20 = uname -r
    varia de acordo com o kernel, e eh este arquivo que o kernel le em relacao ao modulos, ou seja, cada mudanca no "userland" modules.conf tem que ir pro "kernel space" com depmod, eh simples.

  5. DEPMOD(8) Linux Module Support DEPMOD(8)

    depmod - handle dependency descriptions for loadable ker-
    nel modules

    depmod [-aA] [-ehnqrsuvV] [-C configfile] [-F kernelsyms]
    [-b basedirectory] [forced_version]
    depmod [-enqrsuv] [-F kernelsyms] module1.o module2.o ...

    The depmod and modprobe utilities are intended to make a
    Linux modular kernel manageable for all users, administra-
    tors and distribution maintainers.

    Depmod creates a "Makefile"-like dependency file, based on
    the symbols it finds in the set of modules mentioned on
    the command line or from the directories specified in the
    configuration file. This dependency file is later used by
    modprobe to automatically load the correct module or stack
    of modules.

    The normal use of depmod is to include the line

    /sbin/depmod -a

    somewhere in the rc-files in /etc/rc.d, so that the cor-
    rect module dependencies will be available immediately
    after booting the system. Note that the option -a is now
    optional. For boot-up purposes, the option -q might be
    more appropriate since that makes depmod silent about
    unresolved symbols.

    "Quoted from man depmod"

    <p> Better Safe Than Sorry </p>

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