tenho um servidor de DNS com meu dominio no www.dnsreport.com aparece os seguintes erros:

FAIL: You have one or more missing (stealth) nameservers. The following nameserver(s) are listed (at your nameservers) as nameservers for your domain, but are not listed at the the parent nameservers (therefore, they may or may not get used, depending on whether your DNS servers return them in the authority section for other requests, per RFC2181 5.4.1). You need to make sure that these stealth nameservers are working; if they are not responding, you may have serious problems! The DNS Report will not query these servers, so you need to be very careful that they are working properly.

This is listed as an ERROR because there are some cases where nasty problems can occur (if the TTLs vary from the NS records at the root servers and the NS records point to your own domain, for example).

Your DNS servers leak stealth information in non-NS requests:

Stealth nameservers are leaked [ns.xxx.com.br.]!

This can cause some serious problems (especially if there is a TTL discrepancy). If you must have stealth NS records (NS records listed at the authoritative DNS servers, but not the parent DNS servers), you should make sure that your DNS server does not leak the stealth NS records in response to other queries.

procurei na internet e em outros foruns e vi algumas pessoas com o mesmo problema tb, só que niguem fala como resolver...

os nomes sao resolvidos direitinho, o problema é que se alguem tem um cache de dns (pelo que vi só da problemas com cache) depois de um tempo para de resolver todos os nomes do meu dominio, limpando o cache volta a funcionar...

estou usando Bind como nameserver

caso alguem tenha como me ajudar...