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  1. Hi
    I didnt find this on a site. I was working with the GPL source code from Edimax, and after a couple of weeks, I culd get this information.
    I hope this was usefull for someone.


  2. Hey edmian the URL you provided is not accessible...the website says: "User is not allowed to use direct links.". Antother question I have: Is this procedure applicable to other firmware images, like the original ovislink firmware, or ap-router?! thx

  3. sorry, I didnt know that,this is the new link http://www.box.net/public/9ghatea376 ,its not direct link, but here is the file.The procedure is not the same for other firmwares, because the point where cuts the file is different. try to find it, its not complicated, for example ,the point 2 ,you have to search this chain BZh9 . you cuold serach this points comparing one firmware with the other.
    pd: extra ball,the "AP ROUTER" rootfilesystem ,here http://www.box.net/public/trcm4571zo

  4. bro, what command do you use to search these points (od?, what parameters? ?)? and how to compare the firmware images? I'm intending to extract the rootfs of Zinwell firmwares...and What about re-making the firmware images? Is there a way to do that, or a I have to adapt the availables SDKs and generate the images from the rootfs that I got with your procedure? thx

  5. shortlinux.sourceforge.net

    no forum do sourceforge do short tem uma explicação de como obter o rootfs ... talvez ajude tambem !!!

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