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lançamento do debian sidux 2008.04 pre

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o debian sidux é um debian, mas um pouco diferente porque é baseado nos pacotes instáveis do sid. entretanto, o sidux deu uma tremenda estabilidade aos pacotes instáveis do sid e tornando um live cd/live dvd tão amigável como o ubuntu (que se baseia também no sid);basta você dar boot no cd/dvd e clicar f4 para instalar o debian sidux. e o forum de suporte à lingua portuguesa - sidux brasil está fazendo crescer os usuários do sidux no brasil. como o debian sidux também faz parte do contrato social debian (tratando-se praticamente uma distro irmã do debian etch e do lenny) e sei que muitos usuários admiram o debian sidux pela suas facilidades dadas pelos excelente script smxi/sgxi que facilmente qualquer usuário iniciante do gnu linux instala placas de vídeos diversas, plugins do sun java, plugins do flash, atualizam (ou removem) o kernel (mantendo a distro sempre atualizada) alteram os sources.list da distro, atualizam servidores, instalam aplicativos como o navegador opera, o open office, light office, intalam o skype, google earth e muito mais coisas que não daria para comentar aqui.atualmente muitos usuários também são usuários do debian sidux (e/ou do debian sid); e para aqueles que gostam de experimentar uma distro nova, mas com toda estabilidade e segurança do debian, tenho o prazer de noticiar em primeira mão aqui que foi lançado mais uma versão pre do sidux. leiam mais em

acabou de ser lançado o sidux 2008.04 pre conforme noticiado aqui pelo nosso amigo sevrale no sidux brasil. vejam a notícia e experimentem baixando no link de download/mirrors aqui em

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After quite some infrastructural changes is sidux 2008-04 "Πόντος" now ready to enter the preview season, available in the following flavours for now:

* KDE-lite, amd64, en/ de, ≈460 MB.
* KDE-lite, i686, en/ de, ≈455 MB.
* XFCE-lite, amd64+i686, ≈685 MB.

Please note this is not the final release, the full featured final release of "Πόντος" will be ready in about 1-2 weeks, further previews might be provided as needed until then.

sidux is a full featured Debian sid based live CD with a special focus on hard disk installations, a clean upgrade path within sid and additional hard- and software support. The ISO is completely based on Debian sid, enriched and stabilized with sidux' own packages and scripts.
Release notes for Πόντος preview 1

"Πόντος" concentrates on integrating the changes caused by kernel 2.6.27, init optimisations accomplished by insserv and in particular overhauling the installer.

While kernel 2.6.27 improves and stabilises hardware support for newer devices, like Intel IPW5xxx and Atheros AR9xxx 802.11 draft-n wlan chipsets, and chipsets significantly, it also splits out a number of binary firmware blobs formerly shipped inside the kernel image. Please attend to non-free sources and Drivers for an overview.

Starting with "Πόντος", sidux is using "insserv" to reorder and optimise the sysv initscripts used during the system boot, this doesn't only improve the boot times, but also allows easier de-/ activating of particular initscripts using standard tools.

Another topic for this release is refactoring and optimising the installer, choosing new internet access tools for handling PPP, in particular GPRS/ UMTS, connections, but also improved support for kvm and other infrastructural changes. Furthermore a large number of individual functionality enhancements and bugfixes have been applied to the full package line up and especially sidux' own packages.

Our special thanks go to the sidux art team and especially all mirror hosters for their efforts regarding sidux.
Minimum system requirements:

* amd64:
o AMD64
Intel Core2
newer 64 bit capable AMD Sempron and Intel Pentium 4 CPUs (watch for the "lm" flag in /proc/cpuinfo or use infobash -v3).
o ≥256 MB RAM, ≥ 512 MB RAM for liveapt.
o VGA graphics card capable of at least 640x480 pixel resolution.
o optical disk drive or USB media.
o ≥3 GB HDD space, ≥10 GB recommended.
* i686:
o Intel Pentium pro/ Pentium II
AMD K7 Athlon (not K5/ K6)
VIA C3-2 (Nehemiah, not C3 Samuel or Ezra)/ C7
any x86-64/ EM64T capable CPU or newer; the full i686 command set is required.
o ≥192 MB RAM, ≥ 512 MB RAM for liveapt.
o VGA graphics card capable of at least 640x480 pixel resolution.
o optical disk drive or USB media.
o ≥3 GB HDD space, ≥10 GB recommended.

Now to the interesting topics, like what's on the menu for now:

* Debian sid, as of 2008-12-14.
* kernel (smp, hard preemption).
* 7.3.
* KDE 3.5.10 (en + de).
* new, SVG based, art theme created by the sidux art team.
* offline manual for en + de directly on the disc, online manuals for more languages online at and available via apt; a big thank you goes to the documentation and translation teams!
Please note that the offline manual is only available on the running live CD or the installed system.
* many changes for the manual.
* support for Intel P4x, G4x and Q4x chipsets.
* iwlwifi support (3945 and 4965 chipsets).
* iwlagn support for the IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n part of the Intel Wireless WiFi Link 5xxxAGN family.
* ath5k support for 54/ "108" MBit/s Atheros wlan cards (AR2425, AR5210, AR5211, AR5212, AR5213 and AR5414).
* ath9k support for 802.11 draft-n Atheros wlan cards (AR5418+AR5133, AR5416+AR5133, AR5416+AR2133, AR9160, AR9280 and AR9281).
* b43/ b43legacy support for Broadcom wlan cards.
* rt2x00 support for RaLink cards.
* support for RealTek RTL8101, RTL8102(E), RTL8168B, RTL8168C and RTL8168CP PCIe ethernet cards.
* support for RealTek RTL8180L and RTL8185 PCI/ cardbus wlan cards.
* support for RealTek RTL8187 and RTL8187B USB wlan cards.
* support for ADMtek ADM8211 PCI/ cardbus wlan cards.
* support for IPWireless 3G UMTS PCMCIA cards.
* support for HSDPA Broadband Wireless Data (Globe Trotter) cards.
* e1000e support for Intel 82801I, 82566DM-2, 82562GT-2, 82562G-2 and 82562V-2 Gigabit Ethernet cards (ICH9).
* gspca2 support for various webcams.
* support for Logitech Quickcam Orbit, Logitech Quickcam Pro for Notebooks, Logitech Quickcam Pro 5000, Asus Eee PC webcams (linux-uvc).
* support for the Elantech multitouch Touchpad.
* various new WMI drivers for different notebooks and netbooks.
* fw-detect to probe for hardware with non-free needs.
* memtest86+.
* persistent userprofile defaults for new users.
* OpenJDK 6 for kde-full.
* employ "insserv" to reorder the bootsequence based on LSB headers.
* Correctly validate and support special characters within the installer.
* support kvm (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) for kde-full; kvm depends on hardware virtualisation support (AMD pacifica virtualisation extensions "svm" or Intel IVT (vanderpool) virtualization extensions "vmx")
* WPA roaming support for Ceni.
* switch to console-setup for CLI keymaps.
* localisation fixes for Switzerland and Canada.
* force vfat filsystems mounted by KDE to iso-8859-1
* prefer ati/ "radeon" over "radeonhd" for detecting the video card.
* Plug'n'Play compatible printers are now handled by hal-cups-utils.
* lock down $HOME on default.

What hasn't made it into the preview yet:

* minor artwork tweaking.
* final integration testing."

boas festas a todos os amigos !

baixem e experimentem!

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