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  1. Eu ja estou usando ela em meus clientes

    What's new in 3.1:

    *) fixed wireless reassociation issue;
    *) added support for Novatel Wireless Merlin XU870;
    *) added support for nForce Ethernet cards;
    *) fixed bug - user manager database in-use counter was wrong
    for database size over 21 MB;
    *) console - fixed parsing of alphabetical operators ('and', 'or', 'in') in
    expression context, this also fixes default configuration revert script;
    *) fixed TKIP on RB300 and RB600;
    *) fixed ipv6 firewall connection-state matcher;
    *) improved WinBox connection speed & memory usage;
    *) report correct tcp-state for firewall connections;
    *) fixed ppp user names in ip accounting;
    *) fixed via vt6122 (rb600 ether3) driver: multicast packet receiving
    did not work properly;
    *) user manager - voucher template supports kb/mb/gb for
    download/upload/transfer limit values;
    *) added ":led user-led=[yes|no]" command for RB100/RB400/RB500 series;

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  3. bom dia amigo onde arrumo essa versao q quanto custa ?

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    bom dia amigo onde arrumo essa versao q quanto custa ?

    Mikrotik Brasil... R$ 105.00 a licença.

  5. legal, to usando a 3.0 final, vou atualizar hoje mesmo..

  6. eles pede um id.. mas tenho q instalar o mk no server pra obter esse id.. como faço pra obter id sem para o server... pois ja to rodando outra versao ...

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