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    Question Como instalar Damn Small Linux no HD?

    Alô galera.

    Tenho algumas máquinas antigas aqui na biblitoeca da escola, e gostaria de instalar uma versão leve do Linux como o Damn Small, mas não estou conseguindo instalar a distribuição no HD.

    Estou tentando seguir a partir de um tuturial encontrado aqui: Instalando o Damn Small Linux no HD, mas não estou obtendo sucesso de forma alguma, nem na parte da criação das partições.

    Alguém pode me auxiliar??


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    1) Boot up the DSL livecd. If your computer does not support booting from CDROM drive, then download the boot floppy image from the DSL website and get the RAWRITE32.exe program and create a boot floppy disk. Then use the boot floppy + liveCD to start up DSL.
    2) Open up an xterminal window (click on the A:Terminal icon or right-click on the desktop and choose a terminal) and type:

    sudo -s cfdisk /dev/hda
    Assuming that you are ready to blow away all of your existing data storage (you might want to back up any special drivers and other important stuff in case you want to re-install the original OS), create 2 new partitions:
    • hda1 Linux Swap Type 82 Size (at least 128mb)
    • hda2 Linux Type 83 Size (the rest of the disk space, I recommend at least 2gb). Flag this partition as bootable.
    Before you leave cfdisk, write the changes to the partition table with the Write option. If your hard disk is really big, try leaving some unpartitioned space for future use.
    • Your DSL installation will go to partition hda2.
    • Your DSL swap partition will be hda1.
    3) Next, you will need to reboot your system, again with the DSL livecd ...
    4) Then type:
    sudo -s mkswap /dev/hda1 swapon /dev/hda1 [If you get "device or resource busy" here, ignore it.]5) Then follow the hd install script. The FAQ is at Notes on doing a Damn Small Linux install .
    So you type:
    dsl-hdinstalland follow the instructions EXACTLY. In other words, if it tells you to type (for example) "hda1" then you type in "hda1". But if it tells you to type in "/dev/hda1" then you type in "/dev/hda1". If you are given a choice like "(y/..)", and your answer is yes, type in y and hit Enter -- don't just hit Enter, and don't type the full word "yes".
    You wil be asked whether you want a bootloader, say yes and then you will be prompted to choose your loader, either GRUB or LILO.
    6) Your system will need to reboot again. Remove the CD, and this time boot to the hard drive and continue following the instructions.
    Note: There have been many reported problems with networking disappearing after installing DSL 3.2.
    Note: If you are attempting to install to a hard drive from within VMWare, you need to define your hard drive as an IDE, NOT the recommended SCSI.
    Retrieved from "Installing to the Hard Disk - DSL Wiki"

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