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  1. What's new in 3.8:

    *) fix B mode rate reporting for Atheros 5211 cards;
    *) IPv4-compatible addresses as IPv6 route gateways now require
    manually specified interface;
    *) fixed removing external routes from OSPF;
    *) added initial version of layer-2 mesh routing protocol;
    *) fixed problem - OVPN server sometimes crashed;
    *) fixed problem - torch could fail to aggregate connection data;
    *) fixed problem - RB500 on high ethernet load rebooted sometimes;
    *) fixed problem - if PPP (ISDN) client requested it's own address, then server
    did not report it in logs correctly;
    *) fixed problem - if PPP (ISDN) client has it's own address, it was
    not used allways as on-demand ip address;
    *) fixed problem - PPPoE, PPTP & L2TP stops receiving packets, if
    MRRU is set and multiple packets get lost;
    *) added support for Intel Gigabit PCI-Express cards;
    *) fixed problem - RB433 did not work with v3.7;

  2. É pelo jeito continuamos com o mesmo proxy!!! - saudade do 2.9.5

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