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    Thumbs up Proxim Tsunami MP.11a: disminuir latencia

    o pessoal que tem Tsunami MP.11a, tem como disminuir a latencia de ping q é um pouco elevado com trafego.


    1- From the WORP-Base of your MP.11/ QB.11 radio, go to ConfigureQoSQoS SF Class and you will see that the default setting for UL-Unlimited BE and DL-Unlimited BE for Latency (ms) is set to 20 as shown.


    2- Select the Edit/Delete Table Entries radio button and change the Lat(ms) parameter for UL-Unlimited BE and DL-Unlimited BE from 20 to 5 as shown.


    3- Click OK and the change should take effect immediately. You will need to Reboot via the Commands tab to permanently save this change.

    IMPORTANT: If you are only sending short packets across your wireless link, then please do not modify the latency, since this will result in a loss of throughput.

    ah lembrando q estou convertendo desde AP-600a, RSU e SU para BSU.
    tambem habilito todos os canais.

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