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    Padrão Nova Versao 3.10!!!

    ae pessoal mais uma nova versao, cada dia melhorando mais e mais.

    What's new in 3.10:

    *) added Multilink PPP to PPPoE client - just specify multiple interfaces
    to enable it;
    *) added ability to add dynamicly PPTP, L2TP & PPPoE client addresses
    to firewall address-list, specified in ppp profile,
    or via RADIUS in Mikrotik:19;
    *) added address-list attribute support in user-manager;
    *) added fan control for RB433;
    *) console:
    fixed 'interface wireless print detail', now shows the same output as
    'interface wireless print basic';
    fixed print to file, now writes complete contents, fixed resource leak;
    show name of running scripts in '/system script job', update
    'last-started' value;
    could not use item names for '/interface ovpn-server' and
    '/interface ovpn-client', fixed;
    fixed problems with export:
    some settings were not included in full export, such as
    '/interface wireless nstreme');
    some settings had duplicate entries with an error, such as
    '/system ntp client' when ntp package was enabled;
    long parameter values were incorrectly split across multiple lines;
    export now quotes all values that are split across multiple lines, it
    also adds line split before all newline characters, which improves
    readability of exported script sources;
    *) api - some properties were included multiple times in getall responses;
    *) port - properly tag all inactive ports;
    *) port - fixed memory leak that was triggered by addition/removal of
    USB serial ports;
    *) changed post-boot critical log messages - write a separate log entry
    explainig the cause of an non-administrative reboot, such as watchdog
    ping timeout, even if system rebooted cleanly;
    *) fixed user-manager 'database rebuild' command to correct database errors;
    *) fixed bug - user-manager customer password was not decoded
    correctly when database backup was transferred
    between Intel/RB100/RB500 and RB300/RB400/RB600/RB1000;
    *) fixed bug - "/blink" command did not work on RB300/RB600/RB1000;
    *) allow to configure OSPF authentication key ID;
    *) allow to include bridge interface in a mesh interface;
    *) ipsec - added Dead Peer Detection;
    *) fixed some random crashes on RB411 & RB433;
    *) fixed bug - OpenVPN could corrupt data on high load and force other end to disconnect;
    *) fixed bug - DHCP server did not return DHCP options in response to
    DHCPINFORM request;

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    ja estou testando a versao mk 3.10

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    e ainda o proxy continua do mesmo jeito, na versao 3

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    Citação Postado originalmente por edielsonps Ver Post
    e ainda o proxy continua do mesmo jeito, na versao 3
    Como assim do mesmo jeito ???

    Eu to registrando essa semana a versão 3.9

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    Citação Postado originalmente por admskill Ver Post
    Como assim do mesmo jeito ???

    Eu to registrando essa semana a versão 3.9

    o proxy da versao 3 e muito lento o melhor proxy ainda é da versao 2.9.X pois o proxy da versao 2.9.x é o squid da linux
    e o da versao 3 e um proxy proprietário da Mikrotik mais ainda nao esta legal

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    Ah ... entendi .. eu tenho um aqui 2.9.50 rodando com parent proxy ... muito perfeito ... eh uma economia de link de 60% pelo meu ver ... mas isso depende muito de como se configura o Squid ... tem que saber configurar direitinhu e ter um bom pc pra fazer isso ... agora nesse caso ai eu to pensando em Rodar o proxy por fora do mikrotik 3.9 se for lento mesmo ... e eu nem verifiquei se essas versões trabalham com parent proxy !