What's new in 3.14:

*) fixed '/xen console' command;
*) fixed problem - queue bursts did not work;
*) added support for OSPF NSSA in routing-test;

What's new in 3.14rc1:

*) updated drivers, some of the changes:
synchronous cards should work in frame relay mode;
SIP connection tracking is more standards conformant;
valid TCP connection packets will not be marked as invalid;
*) mlppp - fixed problem when small packets could not be transmited
while more than 2 links were active;
*) bgp - fixed attribute flags checking;
*) fixed dhcp client - routes were not added back after lease expires
and then is acquired again;
*) fixed handling of multiple identical address-list entries
*) ospf could become unresponsive in some situations, fixed;
*) winbox - fixed problem: when moving multiple items at once,
correct order was not maintained;
*) fixed automatic fan control on RB600;
*) added ipv6 firewall address-list;
*) fixed some bugs in mesh protocol driver;
*) fetch tool - added basic HTTP authentication;
*) 6to4 tunnel - allow to specify remote address;