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    Padrão Versão nova do AirOS (3.2)

    Versão 3.2 do AirOS.

    Link: Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. - Support


    Version 3.2 (09/11/2008 AirOS 3.2)
    - added IP Aliasing

    Version 3.2-rc3 (08/25/2008 AirOS RC3)
    - added Firewall rules to FORWARD chain as well
    - added read only user to view signal aligment and dhcp leases tools
    - fixed channels lists with shifted channels for country codes
    that have more than 128 channels.

    Version 3.2-rc2 (08/07/2008 AirOS RC2)
    - added check on MAC address for WDS peers in GUI
    - added report signal/CCQ to winbox in AP modes
    - fixed DMZ management port
    - fixed random lost of connection after Site Survey in AP modes
    - fixed RX rates reporting in GUI
    - improved to not probe active stations too often
    - improved WDS modes

    Version 3.2-beta (07/30/2008 AirOS multiuser)
    - added read-only user to access main status page
    - added possibility to on/off LAN/WLAN network
    - added 14 channel support in 11g mode under "Compliance Test" country code
    - fixed ACK timeout distance range check in GUI
    - fixed ssh/scp issues
    - fixed configuration download issue
    - fixed channel switching after Site Survey in AP mode
    - fixed WDS connection isues
    - fixed scan in WDS mode
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