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  1. Saiu a versão 3.16 do MK.


    What's new in 3.16:

    *) added support for IGMP proxy;
    *) improved Nstreme polling in wireless-test;
    *) routing-test - routing filters now use regular expressions
    to match BGP AS_PATH; use '_' (underscore) to match any of:
    comma, space, beginning of line, end of line, parentheses, braces;
    *) make secondary disk contents visible under /file;
    *) console - allow use of '/' and '.' characters in backup, export
    and print output file names;
    *) fixed bug - hotspot universal client did not work for clients
    with IP address ending with 127 or with 224-239;
    *) fixed problem - x86 clock was 10 times faster then it should be on some boards;
    *) fixed kernel panic on RB1000;
    *) console - fixed wrapping of long lines in GNOME Terminal;
    *) console - autodetect Mac OS X Leopard, fixes condition
    when only the bottom line of the terminal was used;
    *) console - 'find' commands could not match some properties, like
    'routing-mark' of the '/ip route find' command. Fixed;
    Última edição por Magal; 05-11-2008 às 19:17.

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  3. Para os afoitos... MUITA CALMA NESSA HORA!!!!

    Vejam que a versão é TESTING.

    Se vai atualizar, faça teste em bancada primeiro.

  4. testing?

    baixei como stable.

  5. Acho que a última estável (stable) é a 3.13
    Última edição por Magal; 06-11-2008 às 03:10.

  6. Showzim ... já to rodando a 3.15 e achei redondinha ... com novas funções e talz ...

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