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    Padrão Saiu o MK 4.0 Beta e 3.17 Stable

    Saiu o MK 4.0 Beta e 3.17 Stable.


    What's new in 3.17:

    *) added support for Intel 10Gb PCI Express driver;
    *) made Huawei E220 USB modem work again;
    *) added support for Novatel Wireless Ovation MC950D HSUPA;
    *) fixed PCQ fairness when pcq-total-limit is reached;
    *) fixed fetch tool to work when dst-path is not specified (broken in 3.16);
    *) fetch tool - added keep-result command line argument;
    *) allow to specify routing-table for ping, trace-route, and telnet;
    *) fixed an IPsec bug;
    *) fixed /ip firewall address-list;
    *) added propagate-ttl option for MPLS;
    *) fix very long wireless scan-list issues;
    *) fixed problem - sometimes PCQ could stop data pass-through if pcq-rate was set;
    *) fixed problem - L2TP could stop working when one of clients stopped responding
    at wrong time;
    *) fixed problem - reduced size of supout.rif files;
    *) graphing - support for 10 Gbit interfaces;
    *) routing-test - added support for multi-instance OSPF;
    *) user manager - fixed bug for PayPal payments with long parameter list;
    *) user manager - database load command supports external storage
    for temporary files;
    *) user manager - added support for all UTC time-zone offsets,
    including +5:30, +5:45, etc.;
    *) allow queues to have all traffic, not only ip (for example vpn)
    *) improved ipv6 sniffing
    *) improve torch and sniffer behavior under high load
    *) improved queue statistics

    Known issues:

    *) on some SMP x86 boxes clocks are not right, time runs very fast on them, as a result
    queues & wireless-test nstreme does not work;
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    putzz se o 3.x.x ainda ta problematico, imagina testar esa 4.x.x mas nem morto hehehhee