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    Padrão Saiu a versão 3.18 do MK

    Lançada a versão 3.18 do MK (stable)

    What's new in 3.18:

    *) IPv6 address auto-configuration: added recursive DNS server option;
    *) fixed problem - sometimes firewall did not work after reboot on RB1xx;
    *) do not send IPv6 packets over PPTP, L2TP or PPPoE - could confuse some
    servers or clients;
    *) allow queues to have all traffic, not only ip (for example vpn);
    *) added ability to specify dns name in bandwidth test in WinBox;
    *) fixed problem - sometimes RB1xx (and RB4xx) could not start up or startup was very long;
    *) improved ipv6 sniffing;
    *) improve torch and sniffer behavior under high load;
    *) improved queue statistics;
    *) fix xen make-routeros-image command;
    *) fix potential wireless crash under load when negotiating encryption;
    *) fix several MPLS issues in mpls-test;
    *) fixed support for Novatel Wireless Ovation MC950D HSUPA;
    *) fixed some bugs in routing-test OSPF;
    *) added support for D-Link DUB-E100 USB Ethernet adapter;
    *) fixed user-manager database rebuild command to succeed in case of
    malformed database disk image;
    *) sms - added descriptions for error codes;
    *) sms - added automatic 'smsc' (service centre address) value detection,
    to work around first time error when sending SMS without specifying
    an 'smsc' value;
    *) fixed - during uptime 4:20 .. 5:00 interface traffic (byte and packet
    count) was being reported 100 times larger than the actual value;
    *) provide L2TP server address in Called-Station-Id when doing authentication over RADIUS;
    *) added support for Sierra Wireless MC8790;
    *) recalibrated noise floor adjustment for R5H;
    *) updated drivers & kernel - fixed fast clock issue on x86;
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