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  1. PCQ - Parâmetros e Exemplos.


    PCQ was introduced to optimize massive QoS systems, where most of the queues are exactly the same for different sub-streams. For example a sub-stream can be download or upload for one particular client (IP) or connection to server.
    PCQ algorithm is very simple - at first it uses selected classifiers to distinguish one sub-stream from another, then applies individual FIFO queue size and limitation on every sub-stream (witch is exactly the same for every sub-stream), then group all sub-streams together and apply global FIFO queue size and limitation

    PCQ parameters:
    • pcq-classifier (dst-address | dst-port | src-address | src-port; default: "") : selection of sub-stream identifiers
    • pcq-rate (number) : maximal available data rate of each sub-steam
    • pcq-limit (number) : queue size of one sub-stream in packets
    • pcq-total-limit (number) : queue size of global FIFO queue

    So instead of having 100 queues with 1000kbps limitation for download we can have one PCQ queue with 100 sub-streams

    Classification Examples:

    To better understand classification we will take a list of 18 packet streams from specific address and port, to a specific address and port. Then we will choose a classifier and divide all 18 packet streams into PCQ sub-streams
    PCQ Rate Examples:

    Here it is possible to see what happens if PCQ-rate is, or isn't specified. I must noted that if both limits (pcq-rate and max-limit) are unspecified, queue behavior can be imprecise. So it is strongly suggested to have at least one of these options set.
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  3. Muito boa a materia.

  4. Boa mesmo Magal.

  5. Existe a possibilidade de usar PCQ + PPPOE + RADIUS?

  6. Muito bom, sera que tem como alguem explicar a parte onde vc coloca o PCQ em 0 e toda a banda sera dividida, e os e tabem o que é aquele limit e total limit, e se os valores colocados la são em kb. Obrigado!

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