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  1. Hi all,

    I just arrived and couldn't believe Wavion is very popular here. I came from another professional WISP forum, dslreport, and this forum is very interesting. I just can't help get an account and want to know more about my equipment

    I have been using Altai A8 and tested Wavion for a while. Both of them claimed they support 200+ users. Before i make any comments, did anyone hear both names and test them before? Anyone here works in Telco to source equipment? Anyone has Wimax experience?

    I know that Wavion is very popular in Brazil, India, .... Altai is very popular in China, Malaysia, ...

    There is no forum in the world that has more 200 comments on Wavion. This is very good.

    At last, sorry that i could only speak English. Feel free to give comments

  2. what a price for Altai A8 (Base) and (Cliente) ?

    send photos and more comments!

  3. You already tested the Altai A8? What you tell us about his performance?

  4. can you make Non-line-of-sight with altai too? altai do beamforming like wavion?

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