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    Hi all,

    I just arrived and couldn't believe Wavion is very popular here. I came from another professional WISP forum, dslreport, and this forum is very interesting. I just can't help get an account and want to know more about my equipment

    I have been using Altai A8 and tested Wavion for a while. Both of them claimed they support 200+ users. Before i make any comments, did anyone hear both names and test them before? Anyone here works in Telco to source equipment? Anyone has Wimax experience?

    I know that Wavion is very popular in Brazil, India, .... Altai is very popular in China, Malaysia, ...

    There is no forum in the world that has more 200 comments on Wavion. This is very good.

    At last, sorry that i could only speak English. Feel free to give comments
    Dear Friend.

    In my guess I prefer the Wavion Radio.
    1- I know some people who works in the design of radio.
    1- In Brazil wavion radio are more popular.
    3- Wavion works with better Sensitivity -105 dbm and Altai with -90 dbm
    4- Wavion Radio works with Beamforming I believe that the Altai works too.

    5- Wavion radio It has greater coverage area and high quality service too.

    Please wait for more opinion…
    Angelo Purgano

  2. I do not believe in the beamforming. The tests that were presented in the site of the Wavion, do not show good results.
    In the technical articles about beamforming show that should be much better. But in the practical, is not happening this.

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    Altai makes non-line of sight from 500km to 1.5km, depends on your clients

    Altai's strength is flexible antenna mounting, i tried to mount altai's from 3 floors to 20 floors, all are well..
    Wavion's strength is easy installation but you must make it not too high from the ground, like 4 floors

  4. 500km? are u mean 500 meters? hehehe

  5. Quando participo de forums internacionais, os mesmo pedem que os estrangeiro traduzam suas opniões ou questões sobre determinado assunto, seria o minimo a fazer, creio que nosso amigo acima de outra lingua a não ser a nossa, devia fazer o mesmo, pois até ajudaria melhor a ele, apenas uma opnião ok, abraços...
    ahhhhh sempre vou com alvarion

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