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  1. Bom tutorial do MK, com muitas dicas e imagens. (em espanhol)

    Link: http://rapidshare.com/files/128799287/mikrotik.rar.html

    Bandwidth Managment and Queues
    • Transparent Traffic Shaper
    • PCQ_Examples
    • Improved Load Balancing over Multiple Gateways
    • Per-Traffic Load Balancing
    • How to apply different limits for Local/Overseas traffic
    • Different limits for Local/Overseas traffic for 3 bandwitch rates using pcq and queue tree
    • Queue with Masquerading and Internal Web-Proxy
    • Queue Tree with more than two interfaces
    • Limit Different Bandwidth In Day and Night
    • Different bandwidth in day and night for several categories of users
    • Mangle, Queue Tree and prio by fly_man ... almost done
    • Hotspot, apply different limits and different traffic priorities
    • Basic Internet Sharing with PCQ Bandwidth Limiting

    • Drop IM Using L7
    • Securing your router
    • Securing A New RouterOS Install
    • Protecting your customers
    • How to secure a network using ARP
    • Drop port scanners
    • Redirect mail traffic to a specified server
    • How to Block Customer
    • Dmitry on firewalling
    • Forwarding a port to an internal IP
    • More about N-th matcher
    • How to autodetect infected or spammer users and temporary block the SMTP output
    • Bruteforce login prevention (FTP & SSH)
    • How to Block Websites & Stop Downloading Using Proxy
    • L7 Filter
    • Calea
    • NTH in RouterOS 3.x
    • Blocking specific sites with address lists
    • NAT Tutorial
    Firewall Scripts
    • Home Firewall

    • RouterOS and Traffic-Flow
    • SNMP Proxy (different routers monitor via SNMP)
    • Reading SNMP via PHP
    • Easiest way to monitor interface traffic via mrtg
    • Remote Management of multiple bridged routers
    • Monitoring Network thru SMS Alerts


    • Basic Internet Connection Sharing (NAT)
    • Multiple gateway simple failover
    • Multiple gateway failover with load balancing
    • Improved Load Balancing over Multiple Gateways with Persistent Sessions
    • Improved Load Balancing over Multiple Gateways
    • Load Balancing over Multiple Gateways
    • Bonding
    • ECMP Failover Script
    • Routing Questions
    • Suggested literature (Book review)
    • Policy Routing in RouterOS 2.9.x
    • Route Selection Algorithm in RouterOS
    • MME wireless routing protocol
    • MME command reference
    • Multicast Routing in RouterOS 3.x
    • Multicast SPT Switchover
    • Layer-2 routing for Mesh networks

    • MPLS Overview and RouterOS MPLS Implementation Status
    • LDP and LDP based VPLS
    • BGP based VPLS
    • TE Tunnels
    • Virtual Routing and Forwarding
    • EXP bit behaviour
    • MPLS Lab Setup

    • BGP Best Path Selection Algorithm
    • BGP Case Studies 1
    • BGP Case Studies 2
    • MT BGP configuration with corresponding Cisco settings
    • BGP soft reconfiguration alternatives in RouterOS
    • Using scope and target-scope attributes
    • Limiting maximum number of prefixes accepted
    • BGP nexthop selection and validation in RouterOS 3.x
    • Redistribute Single Large Prefix Instead of Many Smaller Ones
    • HowTo

    • OSPF and Point-to-Point interfaces
    • OSPF and Area summaries
    • OSPF to simulate full duplex links with redundancy
    • OSPF and PPPoE Setup

    • Setting up an IPv6 tunnel via a tunnel broker

    • Howto set wireless client and ethernet

    • 1 General
    • 2 Hotspot
    • 3 Modifying Router Settings 'on the fly'
    • 4 Resilience/Monitoring
    • 5 System Maintenance

    • Automated Billing Script
    • Dynamic DNS Update Script for ChangeIP.com
    • Using 'find' command to filter a command output
    • Remove BUSY status DHCP Leases to solve malfunction of DHCP server
    • Scheduled disconnect for WAN-Interface e.g. DSL
    • Scheduled check for loaded interfaces (auto adding queue to some IP or interface)
    • Sending text out over a serial port
    • Set global and local variables
    • Setting static DNS record for each DHCP lease
    • Sending your self an e-mail with DSL interface IP address
    • Queue tree and e-mailing stats
    • How to control sha*** when PPP server is used with Radius

    • Reset Hotspot user count Modifying Router Settings 'on the fly'
    • Enable and Disable P2P connections
    • Generate bogons firewall chain based on routing-marks
    • Limiting a user to a given amount of traffic (using firewall)
    • Limiting a user to a given amount of traffic II (using queues)
    • Limiting a user to a given amount of traffic with user levels (using queues)
    • Limit Different Bandwidth In Day and Night
    • Enable Disable Firewall Rules
    • Blocking Rapidshare.com web page
    • Random MAC/Ethernet address generate and apply

    • ECMP Failover Script
    • Improved Netwatch
    • Improved Netwatch II
    • Filover con Netwatch III

    System Maintenance
    • Automatic_Backup_with_Centralized_Storage
    • Antenna Alignment with RB532 LED
    • Audible signal test
    • Logging SNR and thruput values
    • Logging Average CCQ and Wireless Clients Stats
    • Generate routes for stress testing BGP functionality
    • Improved Semi-automatic system-update script
    • Scheduled sending of an email with system backup attached
    • Semi-automatic system-update by script
    • Use SSH to execute commands (DSA key login)
    • Auto upgrade script V3.x
    • sending mails when on battery or battery low
    • Delete ARP trafic for arp table
    • Batch deployment of DSA key (SSH) and schedule backup with export
    • Automated Upgrade/Downgrade script V3.9+

    • PPtP Server / VPN
    • PPtP Server / VPN / RADIUS
    • PPtP Client / VPN
    • IPSec VPN with Dynamic Routing / Mikrotik and Cisco
    • VPN with Virtual Routing and Forwarding / Mikrotik and Cisco
    • OpenVPN
    • Layer2 VPN Server

    Wireless Setups
    • General Wireless Questions
    • Wireless Debug Logs
    • WMM
    • Wireless Area
    • Transparently Bridge two Networks with WDS
    • Transparently Bridge two Networks with EoIP
    • Forget Bandwidth control, Add a second DHCP router on a single Wireless link!
    • How to create a transparent AP with more than 1 wireless cards
    • Wireless repeater
    • Association establishment rules on AP
    • Access and bandwidth limitation
    • Mesh WDS setup
    • Antenna Alignment with RB532 LED
    • Link possibility calculator (beta version)
    • CPE alignment method
    • Nstreme dual Step-by-Step
    • Layer-2 routing for Mesh networks

    • MPLS_Overview
    • EXP_bit_behaviour
    • BGP_based_VPLS
    • Virtual_Routing_and_Forwarding
    • Configuring 3G EVDO cards
    • Pppoe_server_with_profiles
    • Hotspot_server_setup

    El html que tiene el indice es el siguiente dentro del arhivo comprimido.

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  3. Mesmo em espanhol esse tuto é muito bom. vlw Magal

  4. Tem muitas dicas e imagens.

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    Tem muitas dicas e imagens.
    Magal aqui ta falando q o arquivo não esta no servidor.

  6. NetoG023, acabei de testar e está tudo ok.


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    Magal aqui ta falando q o arquivo não esta no servidor.
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