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  1. What's new in 3.30:
    *) added connection-rate matcher;
    *) receiving too large frame (>1540 bytes) does not hang ether1 on RB4xx;
    *) fixed ping - value of 'src-address' was ignored since 3.23;
    *) api - limited maximum allowed word length to 65536;
    *) fixed IPv6 Router Solicitation message handling;
    *) special-login - port could remain used by 'special-login' even after user logged out. fixed;
    *) bonding in active-backup mode and arp link monitoring works when no switch between endpoints;
    *) routing, routing-test - fixed route redistribution crash;
    *) ups - show voltage in .01V units;
    *) console - 'torch' and 'wireless scan' commands have new argument 'duration' that approximately limits running time of the command;
    *) api - 'torch' and 'wireless scan' commands now return same values in '!re' responses as in console (before they didn't return anything), '.proplist' is also correctly handled;
    *) fixed problem - sometimes netinstall did not show new software id;
    *) added support for BGP aggregates from IGP routes;
    *) user manager - no backup for deleted logs;

    What's new in 3.29:
    *) fixed problem - local bandwith test could take all the CPU to itself not allowing other tasks to run;
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  2. não tem muita coisa nova, melhor da 1 tempinho antes de atulizar, pode aparecer algum bug...


  3. Que bom na minha opiniao, mikrotik cada vez mais facil de trabalhar vou atualizar já ...

  4. Eu ja estou usando a quase 24hs e ta tudo normal ate agora...

  5. What's new in 3.30:
    *) added connection-rate matcher;

    Tenho um amigo que estava sonhando com isso, agora é só alegria.

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