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  1. Hi

    I have Got A problem That I cant resolve it
    My clients not all complain from getting ip..
    I use a hotspot

    and every thing is working!!

    Any Ideas?>?>>

    See The attatch
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  2. This happens only with a client?
    In my case happened with a client who had a computer that was the problem with viruses and in memory.
    If no such cases pass details of your network.

  3. HI

    I have install 3.28 Mikrotik on Desktop 3.0 GHz
    and i use a switch in the switch 3 nano2 have been installed

    I am sure my clients has clean computers(newly formated) and the antivirus is updated

    i think that because of long distans signal
    they are 2km far away from me and the act timing has set to 48

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