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    Padrão MK 5.0 Beta 1.

    MK 5.0 Beta 1.

    What's new in 5.0 beta1 (2010-Mar-31 10:36):

    *) updated drivers and kernel (to linux-;
    *) ssh is now completely rewritten (supports connection forwarding, only DSA keys);
    *) added support for SSTP protocol (PPP over TLS);
    *) added support for multiple Intel Ethernet cards;
    *) added support for IPv6 over PPP (enabled by default if ipv6 package is installed), link-local addresses are assigned, and server can issue IPv6 global prefixes to clients per ppp secret or RADIUS reply (Framed-IPv6-Prefix);
    *) added proper support for MPLS over PPP (by default it is now disabled);
    *) fixed RB800 temperature;
    *) silentboot feature updated;
    *) WinBox - any file dropped on WinBox will be uploaded to router;
    *) multicast - fixed possible crash during PIM startup;
    *) report platform name in "/sysrem resource";
    *) fixed problem - vlans were not working on RB750 ether1;
    *) fixed mac address handling on RB750, some specific arp requests did not work;
    *) more than two dns servers allowed in /ip dns;
    *) sniffer and torch could process packet from other interfaces;
    *) ospf - fixed DR and BDR election;
    *) ospf - changed "/routing ospf route" to show type 2 metric instead of internal metric for type 2 external routes;
    *) added IPv6 support to trafflow (v9 only);
    *) rewritten user-manager (formerly known as userman-test);
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    uma pergunta voce ja concegui estalar ele? eu qui at agora nao da erro

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    Virtualizado não instala mesmo ... hehehe .. trava o teclado .

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    eu ja baixei ele o iso para x86 e estalei em um pc um p4 2.2 com paca gigabaite com cd rum ide e quando ele comessa a estalasao trava q nen a maquina virtial .
    de al maneirA voce estalou ?

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    tenho uma rb433ah rodando a alguns dias, e ta ok!
    unica coisa que não da certo é conectar via ssh com SSH key