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    Padrão Novo Mk 4.7 enfim..

    Pessoal Saiu agora a nova versao.

    Felicidades pra RB800 que teve seu medidor corrigido..

    What's new in 4.7:

    *) fixed problem - wireless packet bridging with nstreme enabled
    sometimes was very slow on RB1xx, RB5xx and RB4xx;
    *) fixed problem - ipv6 traffic was not bridged if ipv6 package was not enabled;
    *) '/user active' now lists type of api connections as 'api'
    *) fixed getting interface stats in dude
    *) fixed metarouter stability problem on RB400s & RB750s;
    *) fixed metarouter - it didn't work on RB1000 with 2Gb;
    *) fixed metarouter - it locked up on RB800;
    *) fixed problem - SFQ queues did not work on interfaces (wireless) if none
    of simple or tree queues were added;
    *) fixed RB800 temperature;
    *) silentboot feature updated;
    *) multicast - fixed possible crash during PIM startup;
    *) ospf - changed "/routing ospf route" to show type 2 metric instead of
    internal metric for type 2 external routes;
    *) report platform name in "/sysrem resource";
    *) fixed problem - vlans were not working on RB750 ether1;
    *) fixed mac address handling on RB750, some specific arp requests did not work;
    *) more than two dns servers allowed in /ip dns;
    *) sniffer and torch could process packet from other interfaces;
    *) dns cache rotates order of records in reply messages;
    *) ospf - fixed DR and BDR election;

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    Nov 2006

    Padrão Re: Novo Mk 4.7 enfim..

    curioso que só saiu para esta placa,para as outras ainda não tem previsão