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  1. Lançada a nova versão!

    What's new in 4.8:

    *) fixed problem - WinBox crashed while opening VAP interface;
    *) dhcp server - fixed possible inactive dhcp server in case of many
    dhcp leases with address-pool enabled (broken in v4.7);
    *) dhcp server - show non-printable agent-circuit-id and agent-remote-id
    values in hexadecimal notation (the same way as client-id is shown);
    *) api - can supply password to '/system/upgrade/upgrade-package-source/add';
    *) console - fixed bug that caused "cannot set ..." error when using
    some properties in 'find' commands;
    *) api - 'print' command was not showing values of some properties
    such as 'servers' in "/ip/dns";
    *) show old software id in export file header;
    *) added support for secondary serial port on RB800/RB1100;


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  3. E isso ai.....

  4. Parece que foi corrigido os problemas da 4.7 e ficou bem melhor ... testando ...

  5. Sim ficou sim, mas estável, rápida ...

  6. Não foi feliz com esta atualização, pois tive problemas em tds clientes 5.8 tds usando nano, tiver que fazer downgrade.

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