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    Padrão Mikrotik 4.9 Lançado

    What's new in 4.9:

    *) fixed problem - some of the bridge ports stayed invalid after reboot;
    *) console - added '/port remote-access export' command;

    What's new in 4.8:

    *) added support for second serial port on RB800/RB1100;
    *) fixed problem - WinBox crashed while opening VAP interface;
    *) dhcp server - fixed possible inactive dhcp server in case of many
    dhcp leases with address-pool enabled (broken in v4.7);
    *) dhcp server - show non-printable option 82 agent-circuit-id and
    agent-remote-id values in hexadecimal notation
    (in the same way as client-id is shown);
    *) api - can supply password to '/system/upgrade/upgrade-package-source/add';
    *) console - fixed bug that caused "cannot set ..." error when using
    some properties in 'find' commands;
    *) api - 'print' command was not showing values of some properties
    such as 'servers' in "/ip/dns";
    *) show old software id in export file header;
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