[lang=en]Hi All,
MK in new for me and i have some questions.
my network setup is like this
isp->miktotik->switch->local network with windows 2003 AD and DC.

Now my question is regarding correct setup of ISP DNS and AD DNS.
on miktotik I run DNS and DHCP.
[[email protected]] > ip dns print
servers: DNS1 IP, DNS2 IP <- dns ip address from my ISP
allow-remote-requests: yes
max-udp-packet-size: 512
cache-size: 2048KiB
cache-max-ttl: 1w
cache-used: 750KiB
on MK DHCP in dns filed i enter dns ip address of my internal DC DNS and

and on this internal dns servers 2003 in forwarders tab i enter ip address of Mikrotik, and i mark box "Do not use recursion for this domain".

Is this correct setup or not ?
and when i connect to mk with winbox, under ip-> dns window in static tab i enter
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