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    Padrão Nova versao MikroTik 5.0rc1

    What's new in 5.0rc1 (2010-Sep-17 13:58):

    *) wireless nv2 - add WDS support;
    *) added ability to monitor cpu usage by task (/tool profile);
    *) added support for RPS (Receive Packet Steering) on multicore systems;
    *) added cisco compatible gre tunnels;
    *) fix simple queues on multicore (fixes intel 82576 crash/reboot);
    *) fixed sstp memory leak;
    *) winbox - fixed ability to configure RB1100 switches;
    *) ssh - fix possible crashing;
    *) snmp - fix GET request processing;
    *) ipsec - added ability to specify ID_USER_FQDN peer identity;
    *) ipsec - encypt last IKE phase 1 packet when in aggresive mode as initiator;
    *) wireless nv2 - added nv2-cell-radius parameter to specify distance
    in km to farthest client on AP;
    *) wireless nv2 - fix transmit stall issue for non-11n chips;
    *) wireless - fix x86 nstreme multiprocessor hang;
    *) made user manager web interface work again;
    *) updated drivers and kernel (to linux-2.6.35);

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    Padrão Re: Nova Versao MikroTik 5.0rc1

    Ta longe de ficar bom está nova versão! To usando a beta 6, nesta citada acima alem de não funcionar direito com multi-processamento ainda não funciona regras mangle para controle de velocidade !!!

    Pelo que vi as 02 e 03 tambem não arrumaram !!