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  1. Hello,

    My name is Vincent, i live in France. I help to develop Movim, an internationnal social network, it haven't the goal to be a concurrent against Facebook but to purpose a free and decentralized alternative, in respect to Free Software philosophy.

    I invite you to discover our project : MOVIM - Open Social Platform (it's still in development).


    How to contribute ?

    We need translators : we wish Movim.eu to be understandable in as many languages as possible, and even in some dialects for each country !

    So we think to purpose Movim in your language (or in the dialect of your choice) could permit to enlarge the diffusion of this new Social Network.

    If you want to contribute like me, add some strings in your list.

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  2. just moved this topic to correct forum.

    Lets see if someone will help you vincent may be you can get Brazilian Portuguese translation here

  3. Thanks you !

  4. We also need italian translators

  5. Here is Movim in portuguese, the last update was yesterday (i'm not sure) : MOVIM - Plataforma Social Aberta
    Is there any correction to do ?

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