Microsoft official blog state that Microsoft will release Windows 8 the RC version by be the end of May or early June. Earlier reports said, Windows 8 will be released in October of 2012. The RC system development is now at its final step. Engineers are doing last vulnerability assessment for this OS.

Professional annalist Michael Cherry from a U.S. market research firm Directions on Microsoft said RC version will be released within 3 months after preview version releasing. And another 3 months later RTM version will be released. Preview version is released on Feb 29th. According to this date RC is probably released in late May and RTM version in late August.The RTM version will be delivered directly to manufacturers. Third-party developers and peripheral manufacturers can also use the system for final testing.

Director Steven Sinofsky in Microsoft at early March stated that Windows 8 development procedure is very similar to Windows 7, including both the RC and the RTM version. According to Windows 7 release time, Windows 8 will be probably released in late May. But till now Microsoft did not report exact launch date of Windows 8.

Microsoft explained details in the official blog about how to pay and relative policies for Win8 store payment applications. We can see here:

Firstly, the application can be installed in more than one PC and used under multiple accounts. But Microsoft's licensing terms allow maximum 5 accounts. Why there is a limit of PC numbers? This is to ensure that developers' hard work not being abused.

Secondly, the user can view all applications from different accounts to achieve re-obtain purchased / installation. That means different accounts can share and install paid applications from another acount under IP share status.

Win8 payment application allows 5 computers to install

Last, how does Win8 restrict the number 5?
From Windows stores settings, the user can view the list of registered PC Microsoft account in Windows shops. The list can register up to 5 PC. If you need to install the application to one more PC or even more. There is no space to put other accounts in unless you delete 1 or more registered accounts from the list.

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