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  1. saiu o novo firmware ubnt 5.5.10 olhem o change log.

    AirOS V Firmware Revision History====================================================================Supported products * Bullet M2/M5/Titanium * Rocket M2/M2 Titanium/M3/M365/M900/M5/M5 GPS/M5 Titanium/M6 * NanoStation M2/M3/M365/M5/M6 * NanoStation Loco M2/M900/M5 * NanoBridge M2/M3/M365/M900/M5 * AirGrid M2/M5/HP/HP New * PowerBridge M3/M365/M5/M10 * PicoStation M2 * AirRouter/HP * PowerAP N ====================================================================Version 5.5.10-Service release (October 01, 2014)-------------------------------------------------Regulatory updates:- New: Open 5150-5250MHz frequency range for United States and Puerto Rico (U.S. territory) countries. This change applies for product models listed bellow: * Rocket M5/Rocket M5 Titanium * NanoStation M5 * NanoStation M5 Loco * NanoBridge M5- New: Add 40MHz channel bandwidth for New Zealand

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  3. No caso da linha XW ouve mais mudança.

    - Fix: airSync crashes on new Rocket M5 Titanium
    - Fix: airView causes device to reboot (US version products)
    - Fix: Ethernet negotiation issues when using 100Mbps PoE with gigabit capable devices
    - Fix: Remote station management issues on high traffic load (WPA2-AES, WDS)
    - Fix: AutoACK miscalculation for 8MHz and 30MHz channel widths
    - Fix: Device bricks when using configuration backup file taken from NanoStation device with PoE passthrough option enabled
    - Fix: EAP TTLS/PEAP do not check time in TLS sessions
    - Fix: Get Last IP from VLAN tagged traffic
    - Fix: RADIUS accounting issue
    - Fix: Site Survey improvements
    - Fix: Don't offer to store WPA PSK key as login credentials

    - Low TX issue improvements
    - airMax: Improvements for narrow channel widths usage scenarios
    - airMax: Improvements addressing Low TX when connecting to XM AP
    - Ethernet: 100Mbps negotiation for NanoBeam M5 400 (XW) and Rocket M5 Titanium (XW)
    - Data rates: Improved Data Rate selection when connecting to XM devices

  4. Será que resolveram esse problema:

    Porque ta tenso.

  5. Firmware image check failed. Error code: -6

    é o que acontece quando tento atualizar a versão 5.5.6 para a 5.5.10

  6. testei outro método: fazer o update da 5.5.6 pra 5.5.8 e só depois pra 5.5.10 mas mesmo assim:

    Firmware image check failed. Error code: -6


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