Although I am willing to RuneScape goldaddress any questions you might have, it's not possible to answer in the quickest time possible. Thank you for taking the time. If you want to fight the price manipulations, please spread the word and join unions. I am unable to stay on the field for more than a few seconds nowadays so I won't have the time to take the lead in the fight. However, I would like to pass this knowledge on to you all.

A thread was started some time back. It was titled "Skill caps: Are they destroying Runescape?" It was a discussion about weather capes that are more and more controversial in Runescape.

I'm getting to the point. I had a disagreement with this turd of level 77 who was wearing an untrimmed firemaking cape. He claimed he had the entire money (only about 5 mil) to purchase 99 firemaking. After burning logs for 99 firemaking for 3 1/2 consecutive weeks, the turd received his cape that was not trimmed. Then, he was looking for 99 Fletching. This was the second most absurd excuse for an easy 99.

As I do when I'm bored, I was looking at the forums and was wcing the yews. I was discussing with my mate about the fact that I believe for ME that the rune hatchet was more efficient than the dragon hatchet. She agreed to some extent and the clown was thinking that he could remark and call me an idiot for stating this. I've spent a lot of time trying out and comparing the speed of the dragon hatchet versus the rune hatchet used for cutting yews. I have concluded that they're either the same or the rune is somewhat more efficient which is why it's 2 mil cheaper.

He complained for hours, telling me that his 2 mil waste (not that it's a lot) was more efficient than mine. So I said "lol Okay Budd, don't continue to think you're better than that". My friend and I kept cutting yews and buy runescape 3 gold then he popped the stupid assertion of. "You're an idiot, you don't have 99 cents!"