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  1. irei montar um servidor de quake 2
    para isso utilizarei uma maquina que
    utiliza o FreeBSD como SO.

    O quake 2 e portavel para linux,
    existem pacotes que permitem
    que ele rode legal nele.

    Mas e no BSD??? poderei usar esse mesmo pacote usado no LINUX?

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    o *BSD e&acute; relativamente compativel com pacotes para Linux. por isso nao vejo qlqr problema! <IMG SRC="images/forum/icons/icon_wink.gif">

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    In a nutshell, the compatibility allows FreeBSD users to run about 90% of all Linux applications without modification. This includes applications such as Star Office, the Linux version of Netscape, Adobe Acrobat, RealPlayer 5 and 7, VMWare, Oracle, WordPerfect, Doom, Quake, and more. It is also reported that in some situations, Linux binaries perform better on FreeBSD than they do under Linux

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