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    Alguém sabe se em algum lugar no linux tem alguma configuração que limita por default o número máximo de processos que podem rodar na máquina ?

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    Maximum number of processes that can be run on the server

    On Redhat 6.0, and in kernels downloaded from kernel.org, the limit on the total number of processes is 512, and the limit on the number of tasks per user is half of that.

    Since Redhat 6.1, using the standard redhat supplied kernel, the total number of process is 2560, and the max per user is 2048.

    If you need to increase the limits, you will need to modify the /usr/src/linux/include/tasks.h file. The parameters to change are NR_TASKS and MAX_TASKS_PER_USER.

    In all cases, the maximum value for these parameters is 4092 ( 4090 if APM is enabled ).

    If you change these parameters, you will need to build a new kernel.


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