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    Padrão Como instalar o Mplayer?

    Ai galera me da um help, como faco para instalar o mplayer no linux? ja baixei o arquivo MPlayer-0.90.tar.bz2, e ja descompactei, o problema e que nao consigo instalar ele, digitei o seguinte comando para instalar: ./configure
    ai caros colegas aparece o seguinte:

    Detected operating system: Linux
    Detected host architecture: i386
    Checking for gcc version ... not found
    Checking for gcc-3.1 version ... not found
    Checking for gcc3 version ... not found
    Checking for gcc-3.0 version ... not found
    Checking for cc version ... not found

    *** Please downgrade/upgrade C compiler to version gcc-2.95.x or gcc-3.x! ***

    You are not using a supported compiler. We do not have the time to make sure
    everything works with compilers other than the ones we use. Use either the
    same compiler as we do, or use --disable-gcc-checking but DO *NOT* REPORT BUGS
    unless you can reproduce them after recompiling with a 2.95.x or 3.x version!

    Note for gcc 2.96 users: Some versions of this compiler are known to miscompile
    mplayer and lame (which is used for mencoder). If you get compile errors,
    first upgrade to the latest 2.96 release (minimum 2.96-85) and try again.
    If the problem still exists, try with gcc 3.x (or 2.95.x) *BEFORE* reporting


    *** For details please read DOCS/users_against_developers.html ***

    Error: Bad gcc version

    Check "configure.log" if you do not understand why it failed.

    Alguem me ajude, estou querendo ver uns filmes no linux e nao consigo! estou pensando em instalar o linux de novo com a opcao de todos os pacotes agora! Sera que resolve?

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    Padrão Como instalar o Mplayer?

    Ai galera ja consegui, sabem o que fiz? instalei todos os pacotes que o mplayer estava pedindo e pronto!