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    Padrão Habilitar mais de 16 caracteres no login

    Alguém sabe como fazer para aumentar a quantidade de caracteres do login no freebsd?

    Não tô achando....


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    Padrão 128 não basta?


    encontrado no handbook:



    Under FreeBSD the standard login password may be up to 128 characters in length.

    não tive muita paciencia pra ler tudo, mas tá na área de ´security´ do handbook do freebsd. Dá uma olhada no seu /usr/share/docs/handbook ou pesquise no site oficial http://www.freebsd.org

    de qualquer forma vc terá que alterar isso no /etc/login.conf:

    7. login.conf & auth.conf

    The default md5 password encryption will now be replaced with Blowfish, an algorithm yet to be broken. While strong encryption is a necessity, it is vital to remember that encryption in itself is a small part of security on a server. A metaphor stated at a NY ISSA meeting is fitting: having strong password encryption is like having a really high pole sitting in your front yard. No one can get over it, but there's lots of room to go around. Additionally, other password restrictions will be implemented which will increase security in that arena.

    [[email protected] /dir]#vi /etc/login.conf

    We'll do this under the default:\ section


    # change the password encryption to Blowfish instead of the default md5


    # force 52 day password changes


    # warn users to use mixed-case passwords


    # make 9 characters the minimum password length<


    # automatically logoff users idle for more than 32 minutes

    Save and exit vi


    (texto integral: http://sddi.net/FBSDSecCheckList.html )