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    Padrão phpPgAdmin no linux

    e ai pessoal blz...

    estou com problemas para acessar meu phpPgAdmin no FC2 estou obtento a seguinte mensagem.

    phpPgAdmin 3.4.1 Login

    Login disallowed for security reasons.

    Estou seguindo correto os paços da instalação e não consigo logar na ferramenta.

    alguém poderia me dar uma luz....???


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    Padrão Re: phpPgAdmin no linux

    Vc configurou o user e senha no arquivo de configuracao para acessa o db? o arquivo e algou config*.php no dir de trabalho dele.

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    Padrão phpPgAdmin no linux

    O conf.inc.php no diretorio conf está assim...mas não achei nada relacionado com senha e nome de usuario.
    Código :
         $conf['servers'][0]['desc'] = 'PostgreSQL';
    	// Hostname or IP address for server.  Use '' for UNIX domain socket.
    	$conf['servers'][0]['host'] = 'localhost';
    	// Database port on server (5432 is the PostgreSQL default)
    	$conf['servers'][0]['port'] = 5432;
    	// Change the default database only if you cannot connect to template1
    	$conf['servers'][0]['defaultdb'] = 'template1';
    	// Specify the path to the database dump utilities for this server.
    	// You can set these to '' if no dumper is available.
    	$conf['servers'][0]['pg_dump_path'] = '/usr/bin/pg_dump';
    	$conf['servers'][0]['pg_dumpall_path'] = '/usr/bin/pg_dumpall';
    	// Example for a second server
    	//$conf['servers'][1]['desc'] = 'Test Server';
    	//$conf['servers'][1]['host'] = '';
    	//$conf['servers'][1]['port'] = 5432;
    	//$conf['servers'][1]['defaultdb'] = 'template1';
    	//$conf['servers'][1]['pg_dump_path'] = 'c:/cygwin/bin/pg_dump.exe';
    	//$conf['servers'][1]['pg_dumpall_path'] = '';
    	// Default language setting.  eg 'english', 'polish', etc.
    	$conf['default_lang'] = 'english';
    	// If extra login security is true, then logins via phpPgAdmin with no
    	// password or certain usernames (pgsql, postgres, root, administrator)
    	// will be denied. Only set this false once you have read the FAQ and
    	// understand how to change PostgreSQL's pg_hba.conf to enable
    	// passworded local connections.
    	$conf['extra_login_security'] = true;
    	// Only show owned databases?
    	// Note: This will simply hide other databases in the list - this does
    	// not in any way prevent your users from seeing other database by
    	// other means. (eg. Run 'SELECT * FROM pg_database' in the SQL area.)
    	$conf['owned_only'] = false;
    	// Display comments on objects?  Comments are a good way of documenting
    	// a database, but they do take up space in the interface.
    	$conf['show_comments'] = true;
    	// Display "advanced" objects?  Setting this to true will show types,
    	// operators conversions, languages and casts in phpPgAdmin.  These
    	// objects are rarely administered and can clutter the interface.
    	$conf['show_advanced'] = false;
    	// Display "system" objects?
    	$conf['show_system'] = false;
    	// Display reports feature?  For this feature to work, you must
    	// install the reports database as explained in the INSTALL file.
    	$conf['show_reports'] = true;
    	// Only show owned reports?
    	// Note: This does not prevent people from accessing other reports by
    	// other means.
    	$conf['owned_reports_only'] = false;
    	// Minimum length users can set their password to.
    	$conf['min_password_length'] = 1;
    	// Width of the left frame in pixels (object browser)
    	$conf['left_width'] = 200;
    	// Which look & feel theme to use
    	$conf['theme'] = 'default';
    	// Show OIDs when browsing tables?
    	$conf['show_oids'] = false;
    	// Max rows to show on a page when browsing record sets
    	$conf['max_rows'] = 30;
    	// Max chars of each field to display by default in browse mode
    	$conf['max_chars'] = 50;
    	// Send XHTML headers?  Unless debugging, it's best to leave this off
    	$conf['use_xhtml'] = false;
    	 * Don't modify anything below this line *
    	$conf['version'] = 13;

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    Padrão phpPgAdmin no linux

    Procure as linhas abaixo e informe o user e senha para acessar o db la no mysql:

    $cfg['Servers'][$i]['user'] = 'root'; // MySQL user
    $cfg['Servers'][$i]['password'] = 'senha'; //senha do user do mysql