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  1. galera nao to achando o IPROUTE2 para o Debian Kernel 2.6

    to seguindo o tutorial http://www.underlinux.com.br/modules...icle&artid=286

    mas preciso de ajuda de alguem que ja fez o poom para acabar com o kazza

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  3. alguem me ajuda

    03_linux-2.4.25.patch does not match your source trees, skipping...
    Already applied: 01_iptables-1.2.10.patch 01_linux-2.6.3.patch 02_linux-2.6.4.patch

    Testing 03_linux-2.6.5.patch... not applied
    The 03_linux-2.6.5.patch patch:
    Author: Various
    Status: Mandatory

    This patch contains all netfilter changes between stock kernel
    versions 2.6.5 and 2.6.6.

    + Optimization of ip_conntrack_proto_tcp:tcp_packet (Pablo Neira)
    + Locking optimization in ip_conntrack_core (Pablo Neira)
    + Cleanup conntrack helper API (Pablo Neira)
    + Add nf_log handler (Jozsef Kadlecsik)
    + Add 'raw' table (Jozsef Kadlecsik)
    + Add more debug info to TFTP helper (Vineet Mehta)
    + Missing ip_rt_put in ipt_MASQUERADE (Rusty Russell)
    Do you want to apply this patch [N/y/t/f/a/r/b/w/q/?] y
    ^[[3~cannot apply (73 rejects out of 82 hunks)
    Do you want to apply this patch [N/y/t/f/a/r/b/w/q/?]

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