joguei o novo uabimiau no diretorio /var/www/webmail, na verdade apenas descompactei ele nesse diretorio...

Fiz as configuracoes no config.php, coloquei no temp directory = /var/www/webmail/, porem ele aparece a msg abaixo, alguem sabe dizer o que pode ser.

This script will test your configurations and try to tell you a solution.
All configurations are located in /inc folder and appears as config.*.php


- Testing inc/config.php
(if the script stops here, there are a parse problem with your file, eg you have misstyped some " ou ;, try getting a fresh copy and re-editing it)

- Testing your $temporary_directory variable... WARNING
The path given in $temporary_directory points to a folder inside the main folder
Eg. main folder is /var/html/uebimiau and temp folder is /var/html/uebimiau/tmp
There are security issues using this configuration, please choose a non-shared folder to store temporary files
/var/uebimiau is a good choice

- Testing your PHP version... PASSED

- Testing your memory limits... PASSED

- Testing server installation... PASSED


Your system appears to be ready to run UebiMiau.

There are some WARNINGS that should be fixed before you deploy your webmail.

Before you start using, make sure you've correctly configured your $smtp_server
variable. If you will use an external SMTP server, please make sure you will not need a SMTP Authentication.
In positive case , use the $use_password_for_smtp variable, otherwise you will
receive a "Verify your relay rules" error message while sending mails