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  1. my lan ip\24
    my wan ip from router

    my getway to internet is

    the rang ip access point is -

    what ip and gateway defautl to add in setup

    Thank you for every one very much

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  3. please give me the best firwall to add in router its very slow i have just 10 costomer on line but its very slow ,,,, after i restard the server work agine
    halp me plz i need the best congigrt to roujter

  4. Where are you from, Leo297???

    Só pra diretoria:
    Perguntei isso porque acho o inglês desse camarada é muito estranho... o Catvbrasil escreve muito melhor que ele. De onde será essa figura?

    Xenófobo??? Eu???

  5. I think he is from Russia.

    o Catvbrasil escreve muito melhor que ele

  6. Anyway Leo, are you looking for a firewall to use within Mikrotik or you seek a better configuration for the built-in one that is software's default?

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