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  1. Hi all sory about english langu but i like this forum evry body is very cool and i read evry thing with google Translate

    if you can help me in this problem please :

    1- massnger yahoo and hotmail and any voice chat the sound and voice its very bad and not clean but when i connect without mikrotik server is good and clearly what can i do in this problem

    2- i want to connect mikrotik server to normal router without hotspot
    example : server mikrotik ----- hotspot----computer(user) this is ok
    i need this server mikrotik-----??????---- router ---switch---computer without hotspot

    Thank you very much

  2. Hi,

    Check your firewall rules, traffic priority and QoS.

    If you setup MIKROTIK + ROUTER and setup a HOTSPOT >>> COMPUTER CLIENTS, it´s would to be run fine.

    Check too, the QUEUES, (Bandwith Controle)

    whath is the InterNet that you use?

    I use here: MIKROTIK + ROUTER >>> Wireless >> My clients, and all run fine, very fine, with VoIp, Msn voice etc.. and all clientes have a access plan with only 150K/s


    Alam Dias

  3. my setup is :
    router cisco 2811--switch---miktotik---hotspot----users
    in this setup msn and yahoo and any voice chat work but not clean its so bad
    problem 2

    i want to setup mikrotik like this
    router cisco2811---switch----miktorik---network card----router ----switch ----users

  4. up up up

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