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  1. Hi all
    Can I do this in mikrotik please
    I have this solution

    Isp 1 ip address this ip router 1 link speed 5M download upload 512
    Isp 2 ip address this ip router 2 link speed 5M download upload 512

    I have mikrotik os install on intel 845 I have 4 network card

    Network number 1 work as link 1 isp 1 ip from router 1
    Network number 2 work as link 2 isp 1 ip from router 2

    Network card number 3 work as hotspot ip address\24
    Network card number 4 work as pppoe ip address\24

    How can I do load balance in isp 1 and isp 2

  2. Doesn't he/she speak Portuguese?
    he/she was complicated for community!


  3. sory for english but i dont know protuguese and i dont fine fourm like this forum
    if u want to reply u can speak portuguese i well translet it in google lang
    thank you

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