o proxim decidiu ajudar o pessoal q tem problemas com equipos Tsunami MP.11 e QB.11 (olho ! sao equipo de 2.4GHz q esta EOL (End-of-Life))

What information does Proxim Technical Support need to help you analyze and troubleshoot performance degradation problems with your MP.11/ QB.11 devices?


In order to properly analyze the cause of your system performance degradation, screen captures of the following web interface screens from both ends of the problematic links are needed:

Configure → Interfaces → Wireless
Monitor → Wireless → General
Monitor → Wireless → WORP (2 screens, scroll down to capture all statistics)
Monitor → Interfaces → Ethernet
Monitor → Interfaces → Wireless
Monitor → Per Station
The following is the procedure to actually capture this information and what to do next:

Please use "Print Screen" and then Paste" (Alt+Print Screen → Ctrl+V to paste)

Insert the above screens into a single Microsoft Word document
Name the document with the radio site name they came from
Then attach this document to your Support Incident.

In addition, please run the following ping test from one unit to the other and upload the resulting .txt file to the support system.
ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -l 1500 -n 120 > filename.txt

pings IP address with 1500 byte packet 120 times and saves results to "filename.txt")

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