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    Minha conexão aprova com menos de 1G de link, já a ookla está exigindo 1G de link

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    Isso envolve vários fatores, como por exemplo: localidade e quantidade de hosts disponíveis na cidade.

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    Padrão Re: Hospedar Servidor Ookla e Minhaconexão

    Bom Dia pessoal me surgiu um problema com o pessoal do speedtest, eles desativaram meu servidor informando baixo desempenho.... não entendi muito bem, por isso vou deixar a mensagem que recebi deles aqui, se alguém tiver como ajudar ou dar uma mão !

    Hello Jefferson,

    Unfortunately, we've had to disable your server in Assis dueto poor performance compared to other servers in the region. Your 95thpercentile (top 5%) of test results compared to regional averages are below:

    Assis ServerPerformance:

    Download: 45119
    Upload: 20412


    Region Download: 92785
    Region Upload: 68350

    If you are able to resolve this issue we would behappy to test your server again and enable it if you are meeting regionalrequirements.

    Thank you,

    Depois fiz alguns questionamento e eles me reportaram a seguinte mensagem!

    Hello Jefferson,

    Test method: we take an aggregate of all the tests being run on your server (by end users) and look at the 95th percentile (top 5%) to get an idea of how well the serve is performing from an end user perspective then we compare with servers in the region and determine if the server needs to be deactivated. The reason it is the top 5% is to see what the server is capable of on the higher end of tests. Also we do not do max upload/download because server managers could take a test on network and get 1g up/down but that is no where near what users would get/ are getting from the server.

    Does it interfere with anything, does it create a problem for someone?- Since many different users in your region connect to your server when taking a test on speedtest.net we need to ensure that all servers in a given area are performing well so end users have a consistent and accurate experience when visiting our site.

    I would recommend tuning the system/network settings. We don't have a performance optimization guide yet but we're working on it and for now its up to the server owner to optimize their system settings. Note that OoklaServer itself has no way to be tuned for testing so its all third party settings. Changing TCP send/receive buffer sizes and TCP congestion control algorithm can improve performance (some server owners have reported this)